Moon-Seok Kwon

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Anti-convulsant effects of physical exercise and lipoic acid (LA), also referred to as thioctic acid with antioxidant activity, were investigated using chemical induced seizure model. We investigated the synergic effect of physical exercise and LA on kainic acid-induced seizure activity caused by oxidative stress. After 8 weeks of swimming training, body(More)
Silicon is a promising candidate for electrodes in lithium ion batteries due to its large theoretical energy density. Poor capacity retention, caused by pulverization of Si during cycling, frustrates its practical application. We have developed a nanostructured form of silicon, consisting of arrays of sealed, tubular geometries that is capable of(More)
The study purpose was to investigate the effects of target distance on pivot hip, trunk, pelvis, and kicking leg movements in Taekwondo roundhouse kick. Twelve male black-belt holders executed roundhouse kicks for three target distances (Normal, Short, and Long). Linear displacements of the pivot hip and orientation angles of the pelvis, trunk, right thigh,(More)
Problems related to tremendous volume changes associated with cycling and the low electron conductivity and ion diffusivity of Si represent major obstacles to its use in high-capacity anodes for lithium ion batteries. We have developed a group IVA based nanotube heterostructure array, consisting of a high-capacity Si inner layer and a highly conductive Ge(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) structured graphene is a material of great interest due to its diverse applications in electronics, catalytic electrodes, and sensors. However, the preparation of 3D structured graphene is still challenging. Here, we report the fabrication of multilayer graphene balls (GBs) by template-directed carbon segregation using nickel(More)
[Purpose] This study was designed to test the effects of the Assistant Chair-Desk System (ACDS), which can reduce the forward tilt of the neck and trunk and the level of fatigue during long lasting study in the sitting position. [Subjects] Fourteen middle school students and 14 college students of mixed gender participated in this study. [Methods] Fatigue(More)
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