Moon-Seog Jun

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The low-cost tag based on the ESC Class-1 Generation-2 Standards which is used in the bandwidth of the Ultra High Frequency is exposed to a number of vulnerable points of security due to the limited capability of calculation. The solution for such a problem has not been suggested yet. Because of such a reason, this paper proposes a Light-Weight Mutual(More)
In recent days, CCTV study is standing out by coming to the fore. CCTV used to be a method of crime prevention. But, these day, CCTVs are being networked by providing IP addresses and it is exposed to many threats existing in Web Environment. In this paper, it protects user information based on PKI(Public Key Infratructure) and we propose user(More)
Even though users have been assigned IDs after being authenticated by their real names and resident registration numbers for using Internet services, the I-PIN (Internet Personal Identification Number) service, which is a substitution means for the resident registration number, is recently applied because of security problem. In addition, the OpenID(More)
Smart Phones, greatly expanding in the recent mobile market, are equipped with various features compared to existing feature phones and provide the conveniences to in several ways. The camera, one of the features of a smartphone, creates the digital contents, such photos and videos, and plays a role for the media which transmits information, such as video(More)
Nowadays, there are many active studies and applications of RFID authentication protocol. Because RFID communicates wirelessly without contacting a reader, its communicated information is more likely to be exposed compared to ordinary wired communication area. Communicated information can be easily eavesdropped by external attacks and such stolen(More)
Because of the rapid growth in e-commerce, we can buy things walking around. Its not the expensive items, but the small and cheap items such as text files, music files, movies that we buy while walking around. As this kind of e-commerce grows, micro-payment system develop these days. Since its so convenient, and simple, more and more people use it. Despite(More)
There is encryption algorithms used in GSM. This is for to encrypt the information when transmit from mobile station to base station during communication. As stated that A5/1 is strong algorithm but it cryptanalysis by cryptanalysts. This paper modified concept to improve A5/1 encryption algorithm by consideration of feedback combining function of LFSRs(More)
Regardless of the technical significance held by USN, the un-manned surveillance using wireless network cameras, the sensing technologies using the trespassing surveillance sensors as well as the technologies of encoding the data occurring within such systems, the technologies of transferring and processing them through the sensor network and the efficient(More)
These days, with the emergence of the concept of ubiquitous computing, sensor networks that collect, analyze and process all the information through the sensors have become of huge interest. However, sensor network technology fundamentally has wireless communication infrastructure as its foundation and thus has security weakness and limitations such as low(More)