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Even though users have been assigned IDs after being authenticated by their real names and resident registration numbers for using Internet services, the I-PIN (Internet Personal Identification Number) service, which is a substitution means for the resident registration number, is recently applied because of security problem. In addition, the OpenID(More)
The low-cost tag based on the ESC Class-1 Generation-2 Standards which is used in the bandwidth of the Ultra High Frequency is exposed to a number of vulnerable points of security due to the limited capability of calculation. The solution for such a problem has not been suggested yet. Because of such a reason, this paper proposes a Light-Weight Mutual(More)
This paper proposed mechanism of multiple certification for secure electronic transaction. Existing OTP mechanism can’t guarantee certification and non-repudiation by certification request information asynchronization and involves replay attack risk due to the uniformity of password creation time period. This paper intends to guarantee(More)
Because of the rapid growth in e-commerce, we can buy things walking around. Its not the expensive items, but the small and cheap items such as text files, music files, movies that we buy while walking around. As this kind of e-commerce grows, micro-payment system develop these days. Since its so convenient, and simple, more and more people use it. Despite(More)
One-time password mechanism solves password problems like password conjecture and wiretapping that can occur by using the same password several times repeatedly. However, such one-time password mechanism also is exposed to various attacks, and is vulnerable in matters of confidentiality and security protection, the most important elements of security(More)
Smart Phones, greatly expanding in the recent mobile market, are equipped with various features compared to existing feature phones and provide the conveniences to in several ways. The camera, one of the features of a smartphone, creates the digital contents, such photos and videos, and plays a role for the media which transmits information, such as video(More)
Contrary to general network, sensor network has many restrictions such as energy recharge. Accordingly, security mechanism used to general network cannot be applied to sensor network. Many researchers propose method of security and energy efficiency separately. To maximize energy efficiency, the methods to support data aggregation and clusterhead selection(More)
The Internet banking service provides convenience, providing rapid development in the world. However, it still causes a number of security problems including hacking. In order to strengthen security, the financial institutions have provided such authentication methods as the official authentication certificate, the security token, the security card and OTP.(More)
The most core technology demanded by the ubiquitous era is infrastructure. Intellectual store management and future store are receiving the spotlight in recent distribution industry. Intellectualization of stores is applied using techniques such as RFID and USN. Studies are focusing on efficient store management through improvement of work processes and(More)