Moon-Sang Lee

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User-level communication alleviates the software overhead of the communication subsystem by allowing applications to access the network interface directly. For that purpose, efficient address translation of virtual address to physical address is critical. In this study, we propose a system call based address translation scheme where every translation is(More)
Accurate branch prediction is essential for obtaining high performance in pipelined superscalar processors. Though many dynamic branch predictors have been proposed to obtain high prediction accuracy, they cannot perform as expected under context switches. It is observed that context switches, even at fairly large intervals, can seriously degrade the(More)
The user-level communication is investigated by many researches, in order to resolve the performance degradation of cluster systems due to inefficient communication protocols. It removes the kernel intervention from the critical communication path. Recently, Intel, Microsoft and Compaq introduce the Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA), a standard for(More)
VIA is an industry standard for user-level communication. It specifies light-weight communication module for cluster environment. Although several previous studies have researched for the performance enhancements of VIA, there is still an crucial issue for an efficient VIA implementation; maximum utilization of NIC (Network Interface Controller). This paper(More)
The double EWMA (exponential-weighted-moving-average) controller, as one kind of R2R (Run to Run) controller has been widely used in the industrial process, especially in semiconductor manufacturing. In this paper, two forms of the most popular double EWMA controller are analysed and compared in terms of the stability conditions and long-run performance. We(More)
User-level communication allows an application process to access the network interface directly. Bypassing the kernel requires that a user process accesses the network interface using its own virtual address which should be translated to a physical address. A small caching structure which is similar to the hardware TLB on the host processor has been used to(More)
Mobile traffic is growing tremendously as mobile internet is widespread. Users listen to music, watch video, send and receive photos, and take conversation over mobile messenger using mobile networks. Multipath TCP allows simultaneous use of multiple interfaces for a single TCP connection, which enables mobile device utilize 4G and Wi-Fi simultaneously.(More)
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