Moon-Ryul Jung

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We present a novel local shape blending method that maps a sparse configuration of facial markers captured from an actor onto target models. The advantage of local shape blending methods is that, given a small set of key shapes for each local region, their combination can generate various facial expressions. However, they have the common problem that they(More)
In this paper, we present a method for an animated human agent to construct motion plans to achieve 3D-space postural goals, e.g. a goal of a hand, while avoiding collisions. We use the potential eld approach by providing mechanisms to handle the problem of local minimum. Given a conjunctive goal of multiple control points on the body, the potential eld(More)
This paper presents a single scattering 3D graphics simulator of rainbows that includes the thickness of the rain shaft and the background scenery. The simulator is devised so that we can find a good configuration of the sun, the viewers, and the volume of water drops in a complicated geometric setting. The background-scene geometry and light-reflecting(More)