Moon Kwon Kim

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This paper presents a novel approach to the (generation maintenance scheduling) GMS problem in electricity markets. The main contribution of this study is the modeling of a coordination procedure for an (independent system operator) ISO, based on a game-theoretic framework for the GMS problem. The GMS process of generation companies (Gencos) is designed as(More)
Context-aware computing is to provide situation-specific services, the situation is inferred from the available contexts, and the contexts are acquired from various sources such as sensors, environments, and SNS contents. However, building inference systems is costly due to the overhead of maintaining contexts repositories, transform contexts into(More)
`Smart' becomes a buzzword in many sectors of the society. Among them, Smart Service is an emerging paradigm for delivering services with `smartness' features. A key ingredient of smart services is various types of contexts including mobile and social contexts. With the advent of sensor technology and availability in mobile devices, contexts become a key(More)
The cost and effort for developing personal healthcare systems with IoT devices can be substantially high mainly due to complex inference capabilities. To tackle the problems, we proposed INFerence-as-a-Service (INFaaS) in our previous work. INFaaS is a cloud service which provides a core set of common functionality required to develop various context-aware(More)
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