Moon J. Kim

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The AlGaN/GaN heterostructure HEMTs were epitaxially grown using MOCVD on semi-insulating SiC sub-strates. Standard III–V commercial production processing technology was used to fabricate the devices, which were then subjected to stress under accelerated DC life-tests with base-plate temperatures of 82, 112, and 142 °C. Drain bias of 40 V and time-zero(More)
Objectives The objective of the Master of Science (MS) degree in materials science and engineering is to provide intensive preparation for the professional practice in modern materials science by those engineers and scientists who wish to continue their education. Courses are offered at times and locations convenient for the student who is employed on a(More)
We demonstrate lithographically fabricated Si nanowire field effect transistors (FETs) with long Si nanowires of tiny cross sectional size (∼3-5 nm) exhibiting high performance without employing complementarily doped junctions or high channel doping. These nanowire FETs show high peak hole mobility (as high as over 1200 cm(2)/(V s)), current density, and(More)
Quantum confinement of carriers has a substantial impact on nanoscale device operations. We present electrical transport analysis for lithographically fabricated sub-5 nm thick Si nanowire field-effect transistors and show that confinement-induced quantum oscillations prevail at 300 K. Our results discern the basis of recent observations of performance(More)
Ti-Nb-based Gum Metals exhibit extraordinary superelasticity with ultralow elastic modulus, superior strength and ductility, and a peculiar dislocation-free deformation behavior, most of which challenge existing theories of crystal strength. Additionally, this kind of alloys actually displays even more anomalous mechanical properties, such as the non-linear(More)
We report the design, fabrication, and characterization of a multiple bent beam, sub-micron metallic electrothermal gripper. A bottom electroplating mold for electrodes was patterned using electron beam lithography in an SU-8, followed by nickel electroplating. A top elec-troplating mold for a sub-micron metallic gripper with high aspect ratio bent beams(More)
Vertical integration of two-dimensional van der Waals materials is predicted to lead to novel electronic and optical properties not found in the constituent layers. Here, we present the direct synthesis of two unique, atomically thin, multi-junction heterostructures by combining graphene with the monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides: molybdenum(More)
Controlling the shape and thus facets of metal nanocrystals is an effective way to enhance their performance in catalytic reactions. While Pd nanocrystals with a myriad of shapes have been successfully prepared with good uniformity and in high yield, Pd right bipyramids (RBPs) that have a singly twinned structure have been elusive. We report a facile route(More)
Controlling the shape or morphology of metal nanocrystals is central to the realization of their many applications in catalysis, plasmonics, and electronics. In one of the approaches, the metal nanocrystals are grown from seeds of certain crystallinity through the addition of atomic species. In this case, manipulating the rates at which the atomic species(More)
This paper challenges the production of the protein nanoparticles using the conjugation of Ni 2+ complexed nitrilotriacetic acid end-functionalized polystyrene (Ni-NTA-PS) and histidine tagged GFP (His-GFP) hybrid. The microfluidic synthesis of the protein nanoparticle with the advantages of a uniform size, a fast reaction, and a precise control of(More)