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AdaBoost is one of the most popular algorithms to construct a strong classifier with linear combination of member classifiers. The member classifiers are selected to minimize the errors in each iteration step during training process. AdaBoost provides very simple and useful method to generate ensemble classifiers. The performance of the ensemble depends on(More)
In metropolitan area, the use of analog CCTV surveillance system has steadily increased to detect and prevent crimes, terror, big persons and cars crowded in road that CCTV surveillance systems have long been employed in metropolitan area. It is necessary to equip intelligent surveillance systems, which provide an efficient solution for the problems because(More)
Vast amount of information is generated and shared in this active digital information society. Due to easy access to information in our digital society, there are many cases of illegal counterfeiting and usage of personal information. Producing information with investment and effort is important indeed, but managing and protecting information is becoming a(More)
In this paper, we presented an efficient pedestrian counting method for estimating the total number of crowed pedestrians in the video. For this, it detect interest points of the foreground area and the principal components of features - the number of foreground pixels, the number of edge pixels, and textures. These interest points and the principal(More)