Moon-Hwan Lee

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People worldwide are increasingly acquiring collections of virtual possessions. While virtual possessions have become ubiquitous, little work exists on how people value and form attachments to these things. To investigate, we conducted a study with 48 young adults from South Korea, Spain and the United States. The study probed on participants' perceived(More)
Despite technological improvements in commercial activity trackers, little attention has been given to their emotional, social, or fashion-related qualities, such as their visual aesthetics and their relationship to self-expression and social connection. As an alternative integrated approach incorporating HCI, fashion, and product design, our project made(More)
Maxillary lateral incisors usually exhibit a single root with a single canal. However, maxillary lateral incisor teeth with unusual morphology of root canal system are frequently reported. These cases of variable root canal anatomy can be treated well by nonsurgical endodontic methods. A detailed description of root canal morphology is fundamental for(More)
This paper describes hidden interfaces as an important feature of touch screen based mobile phones and explores their impacts in user experience. Six sessions of focus group study were conducted to identify some patterns of how people explore and use hidden interfaces of mobile phones depending on their motivations---either passive or active. Then values of(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to investigate the involvement of TRPA1 in the cinnamaldehyde-induced pulpal blood flow (PBF) change in the feline dental pulp. MATERIALS AND METHODS Mandibles of eight cats were immobilized and PBF was monitored with a laser Doppler flowmetry at the mandibular canine tooth. To evaluate the effect of cinnamaldehyde(More)
Despite the popularization of product personalization systems, it is difficult for people to personalize a product in a way that symbolizes themselves and their daily lives. Borrowing the characteristics of patina generation, we suggest <i>patina-inspired personalization</i> as an alternative approach. This approach is a way of progressive personalization(More)
We present Gleamy, a lamp supporting ambient information display in everyday environment by the shade with controllable transparency. Information can be displayed abstractly by static or animated patterns on the shade. A preliminary study with twelve users showed that Gleamy naturally blended in a home environment. It satisfied practicality both as an(More)