Moon Gu Son

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Digital reconstruction and exhibition of cultural heritages have been actively explored in recent years due to the advancement of AR techniques and the development of software and hardware of camera and projector systems. In addition, realistic representation of material appearance is greatly improved by the advancement in computer graphics research. For(More)
Projection mapping has been widely used to efficiently visualize real world objects in various areas such as exhibitions, advertisements, and theatrical performances. To represent the projected content in a realistic manner, the appearance of an object should be taken into consideration. Although there have been various attempts to realistically represent(More)
Traditional museums have shown interest in exhibiting a meaningful representation of cultural heritage. However, existing stereotypical exhibition fails to attract the visitors' interest continuously as it provides only static and non-interactive contents and transmits information unilaterally. Recently, high performance measurement techniques have rapidly(More)
Recently researchers have shown much interest in 3D projection mapping systems but relatively less work has been done to make the contents look realistic. Much work has been done for multi-projector blending, 3D projection mapping and multi-projector based large displays but existing color compensation based systems still suffer from contrast compression,(More)
Various vision-based measurement systems have been developed to reconstruct the 3D shape and appearance of an object. To achieve this, a large number of the samples need to be captured. However, most of the existing measurement system requires a long acquisition time because of system complexity. Although some systems present effective acquisition strategy(More)
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