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We show that inferences can be made about differences in retrieval intentionality between direct and indirect tests, even when those tests involve different physical cues. When the presence of old items was not mentioned (indirect test condition), we observed a crossed double dissociation between perceptual identification priming and recognition memory as a(More)
This paper presents the analysis, design, and characterization of a superelastic alloy (NiTi) microgripper with integrated electromagnetic actuators and piezoelectric force sensors. The microgripper, fabricated by electro-discharge machining, features force sensing capability, large force output, and large displacements to accommodate objects of various(More)
Recently, micro robots have been applied in various industrial areas. Some of them are requested to be able to move in small space or rough environment that people cannot reach. It is necessary to have a capability to move at even overturned and adapt simple mechanism to fabricate it easily with small size. In this paper, a novel bio-mimetic micro robot(More)
Recently, diseases in gastro-intestinal tract have drastically increased. As a result, endoscopic technologies are being developed to diagnose and treat these diseases. Biomaterial property is essential information to develop endoscopic devices especially capsule type endoscope. For the past decades, experiments to obtain material property of(More)
Next-generation lithography requires a high precision stage, which is compatible with a high vacuum condition. A magnetic levitation stage with six degrees-of-freedom is considered state-of-the-art technology for a high vacuum condition. The noncontact characteristic of magnetic levitation enables high precision positioning as well as no particle(More)
In this article, a linear piezoelectric stepping positioner developed by Kang et al. [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 78, 075112 (2007)] is extended to have a two degree of freedom XY linear motion and it is experimentally evaluated. A resolution less than 10 nm, a speed of over 0.5 mm/s, push forces of 17.9 and 19.5, and stiffnesses of 6.54 and 5.90 N/microm are(More)
Many application areas such as semiconductor manufacture, precision optics alignment, and microbiological cell manipulation require ultraprecision positioning systems with a high positioning resolution and large motion range. This article describes the development of a compact high precision linear piezoelectric stepping positioner for precision alignment(More)
This paper presents the design, fabrication, and experimental results of a novel ultraprecision in-plane XYθ positioning stage with kinematic decoupling between translational motion and rotational motion components. Two translational motions are guided by four cymbal mechanisms that have both motion guide and motion amplifier. Four leaf springs guide a(More)
If a vibration module is added on laser machining system, the quality of surface finish and aspect ratio on metals can be significantly enhanced. In this study, a single mobility model of vibrating laser along the path of laser beam was put forward. In order to realize the desired unidirectional motion, a resonance type vibration module with optical lens(More)
The design of significant and powerful standing surface acoustic wave (SSAW) microfluidic device for microparticles separation for biomedical applications is depending on the dimensions of microchannels for the collecting microparticles. For this purpose, precise calculations of the displacement of microparticles in the working area of SSAW microfluidic(More)