Mool Chand Songra

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Desmoid tumors (also called desmoids fibromatosis) are rare slow growing benign and musculoaponeurotic tumors. Although these tumors have a propensity to invade surrounding tissues, they are not malignant. These tumors are associated with women of fertile age, especially during and after pregnancy. We report a young female patient with a giant desmoid tumor(More)
Two cases of colorenocutaneous fistula due to genitourinary tuberculosis are presented. They were successfully managed by single-stage surgery (nephroureterectomy, fistulectomy, and primary repair of the colon) and antitubercular treatment. The literature is briefly reviewed.
Background: In the current era, the laparoscopic procedure such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic hepatobiliary surgery and other open procedures such as open cholecystectomy, biliary stricture surgery, are performed regularly throughout the world and extrahepatic biliary tract is one of the most common sites of the surgical procedures. The(More)
Ileosigmoid knot or double volvulus is an unusual cause of intestinal obstruction and presents as a surgical emergency. It affects m sigmoid loops producing obstruction and strangulation. Here old male presented with features of intestinal obstruction. Emergency laparotomy revealed ileosigmoid knotting with gangrene of involved segment. Resection of(More)
A hemangiopericytoma is a rare tumo usually benign in nature and is located in the soft tissues. the body where there are capillaries. The most common locations reported are the brain, lower extremities, pelvic area, head, and neck and abdominal cavity. hemangiopericytoma in inguinal region inguinal mass, which was masking the occurrence of right indirect(More)
Tumour that arise from chromaffin cells at extra-adrenal locations are termed paragangliomas which are rare tumour. The organ of Zuckerkandl located along aortic bifurcation is the most common site of their occurrence. Herein, we report a case of 20-year-old male with large abdomino-pelvic paraganglioma of the organ of zuckerkandl with multiple pedicles to(More)
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