Mooaid Selman Hassan

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The role of soil fungi and nematodes in citrus replant problems was investigated. Several pathogenic and non-pathogenic fungi and the nematodeTylenchulus semipenetrans were isolated in about equal abundance from soils which displayed or did not display replant problems. However, in almost all trees showing evidence of decline, infection by the(More)
The role of allelopathy in citrus replant problems was investigated in Iraq. The failure of citrus seedlings to grow normally in old citrus orchards was not caused by differences between old and non-citrus soils in electrical conductivity, pH, organic matter, soil texture and those minerals tested. Extracts of soil collected from old citrus orchards(More)
The interactive effects of citrus root residues and soil fungi on citrus replant problems were investigated. The results indicated that incorporation of citrus root residues in combination with the pathogenic fungiPhytophthora citrophthora, Pythium aphanidermatum andFusarium solani in soil caused more reduction to sour orange growth than did the root(More)
A better understanding of chemical principles underlying the formation of calculus has led to a need for more precise information on the chemical composition of stones. A qualitative procedure for the chemical analysis of urinary calculi which is suitable for routine use is presented. The procedure involves five simple qualitative tests These data are used(More)
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