Montserrat Miñarro

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The new SeDeM Method is proposed for testing the batch-to-batch reproducibility of the same active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in powder form. The procedure describes the study of the galenic properties of substances in powder form in terms of the applicability of direct compression technology. Through experimental determination of the SeDeM Method(More)
The new SeDeM Diagram expert system was used to analyze the suitability of 43 excipients for direct compression with disintegrant properties from eight chemical families. The SeDeM Diagram expert system is a new method for use in tablet preformulation and formulation studies. It provides the profile of a substance in powder form in terms of its suitability(More)
Ionic gelation is the most frequently used method to obtain chitosan-tripolyphosphate nanoparticles due to its simplicity and because it does not generate waste solvents in the samples prepared. This paper presents a study of the physical factors involved in this method for obtaining nanoparticles in order to determine which of them significantly influences(More)
A new HPLC-RP method has been developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of benzocaine, two preservatives (propylparaben (nipasol) and benzyl alcohol) and degradation products of benzocaine in a semisolid pharmaceutical dosage form (benzocaine gel). The method uses a Nucleosil 120 C18 column and gradient elution. The mobile phase consisted(More)
Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) are being considered as a new approach for therapeutics for many known diseases. In addition to drug delivery, their use as non-viral vectors for gene delivery can be achieved by the inclusion of cationic lipids, which provide a positive surface potential that favours binding to the DNA backbone. This work is based on the(More)
Rosy apple aphid (Dysaphis plantaginea), is one of the major insect pests of apple, causing serious physical and economic damage to fruit production. A dominant resistance gene Dp-fl was previously mapped at the bottom of linkage group LG8 from the cultivar ‘Florina’, linked to the SSR CH01h10. The development of additional genetic markers mapping closer to(More)
In recent years the use of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) as transport systems for the delivery of drugs and biomolecules has become particularly important. The use of cationic SLNs developed by the technique of microemulsion, which are complexed with DNA in order to study their application as non-viral vectors in gene therapy, is reported. The(More)
Application of the new SeDeM Method is proposed for the study of the galenic properties of excipients in terms of the applicability of direct-compression technology. Through experimental studies of the parameters of the SeDeM Method and their subsequent mathematical treatment and graphical expression (SeDeM Diagram), six different DC diluents were analysed(More)
The parameters influencing alginate ionotropic gelation and the production of alginate beads loaded with hydrosoluble ibuprofen lysine salt (IBU-L) were studied, as well as the optimization of the method for its attainment. A three-factor and three-level factorial design (3(3)) was carried out to determine the influence of three experimental variables:(More)
As a methodology for characterizing substances in relation to their viability in direct compression, the SeDeM Diagram Expert System may be considered an open system in terms of the number of parameters applied and the optimization of these parameters. With the experience acquired from applying the SeDeM Diagram, in this study, we propose optimizing the(More)