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INTRODUCTION There is conflicting evidence on the benefit of early transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPSS) on the survival of patients with acute variceal bleeding (AVB). AIM To assess the effect of early TIPSS on patient prognosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS We carried out a meta-analysis of trials evaluating early TIPSS in cirrhotic patients(More)
The Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index (PESI) is a validated clinical prognostic model for patients with acute pulmonary embolism (PE). Our goal was to assess the PESI's inter-rater reliability in patients diagnosed with PE. We prospectively identified consecutive patients diagnosed with PE in the emergency department of a Swiss teaching hospital. For all(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) represents the most common hepatobiliary extraintestinal manifestation of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We aimed to assess the prevalence of PSC in the Swiss Inflammatory Bowel Disease Cohort Study, to identify associated risk factors, and to describe the long-term evolution. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
Barrett's esophagus consists of the replacement of normal squamous epithelium by a specialised columnar lined epithelium referred to as intestinal metaplasia in the esophagus. It represents a premalignant lesion. The prevalence of Barrett's esophagus is around 1.6%. Esophageal adenocarcinoma results from the development of dysplasia progressing from low to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the clinical phenotype and outcome in hepatitis E virus-associated neuralgic amyotrophy (HEV-NA). METHODS Cases of NA were identified in 11 centers from 7 European countries, with retrospective analysis of demographics, clinical/laboratory findings, and treatment and outcome. Cases of HEV-NA were compared with NA cases without(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Although hepatitis E constitutes a substantial disease burden worldwide, surprisingly little is known about the localization of hepatitis E virus (HEV) in the human liver. We therefore aimed to visualize HEV RNA and proteins in situ. METHODS A panel of 12 different antibodies against HEV open reading frame (ORF) 1-3 proteins was(More)
Foreign body (FB) ingestion is a frequent reason for gastroenterology consulting. Eighty percent of these ingestions are accidental and observed among paediatric subjects. However, intentional repetitive ingestions are also observed, especially amongst prisoners or psychiatric patients. Most FBs pass throughout the digestive tract without any complication(More)
BACKGROUND Autochthonous hepatitis E is increasingly recognized as zoonotic infection in western countries. Serological assays have varying sensitivity and specificity. METHODS We implemented molecular testing to identify and characterize acute hepatitis E acquired in Switzerland. RESULTS Ninety-three cases of mostly symptomatic acute hepatitis E(More)
Heterotopic gastric mucosa in biliary tract is a congenital anomaly that can prove significant clinical dilemmas. Here we report the case of a 28-year-old female patient presenting with jaundice, pruritus, and altered liver tests, with predominant cholestasis. Liver biopsy revealed histological changes suggesting large bile duct obstruction with advanced(More)
Microscopic colitis, which includes lymphocytic colitis and collagenous colitis, represents a frequent cause of chronic watery diarrhea especially in the elderly population. Several medications, such as nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, proton pump inhibitors or antidepressants, as well as cigarette smoking have been recognized as risk factors for(More)