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Although most vitamins are present in a variety of foods, human vitamin deficiencies still occur in many countries, mainly because of malnutrition not only as a result of insufficient food intake but also because of unbalanced diets. Even though most lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are auxotrophic for several vitamins, it is now known that certain strains have(More)
BACKGROUND Vascular access complications are the main cause of hospitalization in dialysis patients. The difficulty in creating and maintaining vascular access after several years on haemodialysis (HD) remains the primary problem in these patients. The femoro-femoral Thomas shunt is a permanent vascular access that was used in the 1970s and is all but(More)
PURPOSE We reviewed 21 consecutive patients who underwent a total wrist arthroplasty as a primary procedure between October 2001 and February 2007. The purposes of the present study were to communicate our midterm results and to compare them with previously published series. METHODS We evaluated all patients clinically and radiologically. We used the(More)
Of 102 patients with bacterial meningitis admitted to the Children's Hospital of Buenos Aires, 25 were selected for computed tomographic (CT) scans on the basis of altered consciousness for more than 96 hours after admission, persistent or recurrent seizures after 72 hours of antibiotic therapy, development of focal neurologic signs, increased intracranial(More)
During six-month period, 102 consecutive episodes of fever in 68 children (ranging from 1 month to 14 years of age) with malignant diseases were prospectively evaluated. Sixty-five had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, nine had acute myeloblastic leukemia, nine had malignant lymphoma (four Hodgkin and five non-Hodgkin), five had chronic myeloid leukemia, four(More)