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High mountain lakes : extreme habitats and witnesses of environmental changes
Los lagos de montana ofrecen oportunidades de estudio que van mucho mas alla de lo que su disposicion en el territorio y abundancia pudieran sugerir. En este articulo presentamos un breve resumen deExpand
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Atmospherically deposited major and trace elements in the winter snowpack along a gradient of altitude in the Central Pyrenees: The seasonal record of long-range fluxes over SW Europe
Abstract The chemistry of high mountain snowpacks is a result of the long-range atmospheric transport and deposition of elements. Pyrenean snowpacks contain information about the fluxes of elementsExpand
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Whole-catchment inventories of trace metals in soils and sediments in mountain lake catchments in the Central Pyrenees: Apportioning the anthropogenic and natural contributions
Abstract We measured the concentrations of Pb, Zn, Cd, Cu and Ni in rocks, soils, sediments and plants from three catchments in the Central Pyrenees, with the aim of producing whole-catchmentExpand
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Application of the Field Stability Evaluation Methods to the Snow Conditions of the Eastern Pyrenees
Field methods for stability evaluation were recently developed and validated on the basis of skier-triggered slopes data from Switzerland and North America. In this paper, some of these methodsExpand
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Major and trace elements in soils in the Central Pyrenees: high altitude soils as a cumulative record of background atmospheric contamination over SW Europe
Background, aim, and scopeHigh mountain soils constitute a long-term cumulative record of atmospherically deposited trace elements from both natural and anthropogenic sources. The main aims of thisExpand
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Decadal trends in atmospheric deposition in a high elevation station: Effects of climate and pollution on the long-range flux of metals and trace elements over SW Europe
Abstract Atmospheric deposition collected at remote, high elevation stations is representative of long-range transport of elements. Here we present time-series of Al, Fe, Ti, Mn, Zn, Ni, Cu, As, CdExpand
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Brown and brook trout populations in the Tatra Mountain lakes (Slovakia, Poland) and contamination by long-range transported pollutants
Abstract Fish living in the extreme conditions of the Tatra Mountain lakes were evaluated from a biological point of view as well as an important biomarker of long-range transported pollutants. InExpand
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Tracking melt-freeze crust evolution in Val d'Aran (Catalan Pyrenees)
In the Pyrenees, melt-freeze and wind crusts are a very common element in the snow cover. Such layers have an important role in both dry and wet slab avalanche trigger- ing. The crusts areExpand