Montserrat Arjona

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PURPOSE Wavefront sensors provide quite useful information on the optical quality of the eye. However, in eyes where very high-order aberrations and scattered light are prominent, wavefront sensors may overestimate retinal image quality. This study showed that, in those cases, the double-pass technique is a complementary tool for better estimation of ocular(More)
In this paper, we analyze a color visualization system for multispectral images belonging to the near-infrared region (NIR, 800-1000 nm). Samples with the same appearance in the visible region can differ in the NIR and can be differentiated by taking into account the extra information included in this region. Using a multispectral system, five different(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the intra- and intersession repeatability of the optical quality parameters provided by the Optical Quality Analysis System (OQAS), which is based on the double-pass technique. METHODS We performed optical quality measurements using the OQAS on 20 eyes of 10 healthy subjects who had best spectacle-corrected visual acuity of 20/20 or(More)
Digital image capture devices cannot be used directly as instruments for color measurement. The main stages for characterizing a digital image capture device as an instrument for color measurement are the spectral and spatial characterization and the color transformation from the RGB device dependent space to a device independent space such as CIE-XYZ. We(More)
The current study aims at analysing the suitability of the double-pass technique in measuring the accommodative response. A custom-built setup which allowed simultaneous double-pass and Hartmann-Shack measurements was used. Several metrics to assess the accommodative response were tested and compared. In order to validate double-pass based measurements, the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate intersession and intrasession repeatability of aberration data obtained with a new visual simulator based on adaptive optics, which includes a Hartmann-Shack aberrometer (Adaptive Optics Vision Analyzer; Voptica S.L., Murcia, Spain). METHODS Thirty-one healthy right eyes were included in the study. To evaluate intrasession(More)