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A retrospective review of 982 patients treated for basal cell carcinoma (BCC) was conducted over a period of 8 years from 1996 to 2004. Of these patients, 16 presented a margin involvement. Two cohorts of patients with involved margin were identified: the group whose basal cell carcinoma was re-excised, and the "wait and see" group. Both sets of results(More)
The monitoring process and evaluation of an official higher education degree or master is performed by an annual report based on a set of requirements defined by the quality agencies which are responsible to evaluate such quality. Taking into account that these reports are made up by a set of evidences that are gathered during the whole instructional(More)
Engineering ethics is usually focused on engineers' ethics, engineers acting as individuals. Certainly, these professionals play a central role in the matter, but engineers are not a singularity inside engineering; they exist and operate as a part of a complex network of mutual relationships between many other people, organizations and groups. When(More)
The use of silver nitrate for chronic wounds such as leg ulcers, as well as burns and acute wounds has already been described in literature. However there is currently conflicting evidence in the literature to support the use of silver nitrate. We present our experience on two cases with extensive co-morbidities associated, where the use of silver nitrate(More)
Nowadays, one of the most dynamic areas in applied ethics is professional ethics (e.g. in the areas of medicine, business and engineering). In this paper, we will focus on the online teaching of professional ethics to undergraduate engineering students, mainly in the specialty of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). More specifically, the(More)
A microsurgical latissimus dorsi flap was performed for resurfacing a large soft tissue defect of the forearm with exposure of the vital structures and contaminated wound. Early coverage of a defect is a generally accepted concept to achieve a better functional result. The authors present a case report where a free latissimus dorsi flap with subsequent(More)
4 years experience on 50 cases using the Elliott's technique for symmetrization of the contra-lateral breast in patients undergoing breast reconstruction with an anatomical prosthesis is presented in this paper.The Elliott's technique with its double superior and horizontal plication is a suitable and long-lasting procedure for patients with small-moderate(More)
The excursion of the flexor tendons of the thumb and fingers was studied in ten fresh cadaveric upper limbs. For each centimetre of tendon movement, obtained by traction of the flexor tendons at the wrist, the angular changes of the digital articulations were measured; movement started at extension and proceeded to maximum flexion. A further five upper(More)
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