Monthika Boriboon

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Bioassay-guided fractionation of a methanolic extract of a Thai crude drug, derived from heartwood of Anaxagorea luzonensis A. Gray (Annonaceae), resulted in the isolation of 8-isopentenylnaringenin (1) as an estrogen agonist with a activity of about an order of magnitude greater than genistein. Various flavonoids possessing isopentenyl side chains in the(More)
This is a non-technical paper describing how and why we organized BEST 2009, the first contest in the series of “Benchmark for Enhancing the Standard of Thai language processing”, which is expected to help accelerate the progress of the Natural Language Processing technology in Thailand by assembling 3 essential components: common standards,(More)
Biological evaluation of the extract prepared from the stem wood of Dracaena loureiri, a Thai folkloric medicine called "Chan-daeng", revealed a significant capacity to inhibit [3H]-estradiol binding to the estrogen receptor. During the course of separation, two novel (1 and 2) and two known retrodihydrochalcones (3 and 4), in addition to three known(More)
This document describes the development process of the BEST 2009 word segmented-corpus. It is the first corpus to benchmark Thai word segmentation software. The corpus is composed of four genres, namely, collection of news, novels, encyclopedia, and academic articles. It contains 509 files. Its length is 64.1 MB. There are 5,036,229 tokens with 83,027(More)
Since Thai writing system has no explicit word and sentence boundaries, language sense in Thai depends on how we segment them. Disambiguation by grammars cannot handle all problems because many exceptions occur in the language. Machine learning technique is then introduced to cope with the ambiguity problems. This technique, however, needs good corpora to(More)
This paper demonstrates how to obtain core vocabulary in Thai. They were collected from writing languages across four sources: BEST corpus (2009), Thai dictionary of the Royal Institute of Thailand: RI (1982), Lexicon of preschool and elementary student (1988) and "Khlang Kham" of Nawawan Phanthumetha (2001). The total corpora were analyzed for core(More)
Graphic symbols are a vital part of most augmentative and alternative communication systems. Communication fluency of graphic symbol user depends on how well the relationship between symbols and its referents are learnt. The first aim of this study is to survey the perception of the selected graphic symbols across seven age groups of participants with(More)
Acknowledgements Since I have had the opportunity to participate in the cooperative project between Mahidol university in Thailand and Montpellier university II in France in order to receive Ph.D. degree from both universities, in this thesis, I have two major-advisors, Dr. Boriboon Novaprateep from Mahidol university and Prof. Christian Licht from(More)
Combinatorial Category Grammar is (CCG) a lexicalized grammar formalism which is expressed by syntactic category, a logical form representation. There are difficulties in representing CCG without any visualization tools. This paper presents a design framework of OpenCCG workbench and visualization tool which enables linguists to develop CCG based lexicons(More)
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