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Dhaka, Bangladesh, has one of the highest air lead levels in the world. In February 2000, we evaluated children at five primary schools in Dhaka to determine blood lead (BPb) levels, sources of environmental exposure, and potential risk factors for lead poisoning. Selected schools represented a range of geographic and socioeconomic strata. A total of 779(More)
This study conducted in Bangladesh reports the relationship of clinical complications with nutritional status and the prevalence of leukopenia among arsenic exposed patients living in the rural villages. A total of 115 exposed individuals diagnosed as arsenicosis patients were randomly selected from four known arsenic endemic villages, and age-matched 120(More)
The development of conventional computing technologies faces many challenges for the last couple of decades. Power dissipation in today's computer chips becomes dominant. Reversible computing is a promising alternative to these technologies, with applications in ultra-low power, nano computing, quantum computing, low power CMOS design, optical(More)
Now a day, the importance of a large annotated corpus for NLP researchers is widely known. In this paper, we describe an initial phase of developing a linguistically annotated corpus for non-configurational dasiaBanglapsila language. Since, the formalism differs from those posited for configurational languages; several features have been added for(More)
In recent years, reversible logic is the most popular and emerging technology and it will be having wide applications in the field of Low power CMOS, quantum computing and optical computing. Circuits with reversible logic gates provide low power dissipation and low energy loss. This paper proposes the Adder/Subtractor designs that are used in many DSP(More)
Carissa carandas belongs to family apocynaceae which consists of 300 genera and 1000 species. It is a large shrub with simple thorn and commonly cultivated throughout Pakistan for hedges and is called "Kakronda". The different parts of this plant have been used for various systems of medicine (Kirtikar et al., 1993). Cardiotonic activity was found in root(More)
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