Monnanda Somaiah Nalini

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Fungal endophytes were isolated from Crataeva magna, a medicinal plant growing along the streams and rivers, constituting riparian vegetation in Karnataka, southern India. Fresh bark and twig pieces were used for the isolation using standard methods. Ninety-six endophytic fungal isolates were isolated from 800 bark and twig segments. Mitosporic fungi(More)
The endophytic actinomycetes constitute one of the fascinating group of microorganisms associated with a wide range of plant species. The diversity of actinomycetes in plants and their tissue parts is a matter of debate as no consensus are derived between individual studies. Nevertheless, their diversity correlates with the occurrence in plant species(More)
UNLABELLED α-amylase inhibitor retards the liberation of glucose from dietary complex carbohydrates and delays the absorption of glucose. The purpose of the study was to isolate and select α-amylase inhibitor-producing endophytic actinomycetes from the leaves and stems of Leucas ciliata and Rauwolfia densiflora, two of the well-known medicinal plants used(More)
Endophytic fungi represent an interesting group of microorganisms associated with the healthy tissues of terrestrial plants. They represent a large reservoir of genetic diversity. Fungal endophytes were isolated from the inner bark segments of ethnopharmaceutically important medicinal tree species, namely Terminalia arjuna, Crataeva magna, Azadirachta(More)
The microbes living in planta termed ‘endophytes’ is bestowed with the potential to produce bioactive substances. The aim of this investigation was focused on the isolation and molecular identification of the fungal endophytes from Zingiber nimmonii (J. Graham) Dalzell., an endemic medicinal plant species of the ‘Western ghats’, a hotspot location in(More)
"Endophytes," the microbes residing within the plant tissues, are important sources of secondary metabolites. Tabernaemontana heyneana Wall., a medicinal tree, endemic to the Western Ghats with rich ethnobotanical history and unique chemical diversity, was selected to study fungal endophytes and evaluate them for L-asparaginase activity. Healthy plant parts(More)
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