Monique Silva Costa

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The lack of specific research on the sequence of events that determine plant growth from meristem until wood formation represents a gap in the knowledge of growth dynamics in woody species. In this work, we surveyed published studies concerning cambial activity of Brazilian native species aiming at allowing the comparison of applied methods and obtained(More)
For most of the seed weevils (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae), the ability to survive environmental stresses like insecticide exposure and reproduction is variable and depends on the host. Here, we evaluated the physiological costs and benefits of a host shift from kidney beans of the landrace “Vermelho” to cranberry beans of the landrace “Manteigão”(More)
Knowledge about growth rhythm and longevity of tropical trees is essential to understand life strategies of native species, and consequently, of forest remnants. This study aims to investigate the growth dynamics of Centrolobium robustum, a representative species from Atlantic Forest. For this purpose, radial growth was examined through tree rings and(More)
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