Monique Raberin

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To determine the main mandibular dental arch forms, 278 dental casts of untreated French adults with normal occlusions were examined. Six measurements of the mandibular dental arches were performed, and five independent ratios were determined. By following the k-means clustering method on the basis of these ratios and the use of polynomial functions of the(More)
PURPOSE Long-term stability of severe class III is rarely evaluated in the literature. We present our findings with 12 patients who underwent surgery from June 1995 to December 1997 and analyze cephalometric superpositions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twelve operated patients were reviewed to analyze long-term results (follow-up 3 years 8 months). The sex ratio(More)
Primary failure of eruption is a rare condition marked by non-eruption of the posterior teeth due to mutation of a gene responsible for tooth eruption. Today, this anomaly can be detected early using innovative 3D-imaging techniques. Genetic and histologic testing will confirm the diagnosis and unfavorable prognosis. Alveolar growth must be followed in(More)
Orthodontic-surgical treatment of dentofacial anomalies involves a multidisciplinary approach that demands to be finely coordinated in order to get a good result. Historically, orthognathic surgery stemmed from the close collaboration between the orthodontist and the maxillo-facial surgeon; however thanks to the collaboration of many other specialists along(More)
Because different groups in human society view beauty in stereotypical terms of their own ethnicity, orthodontists should study the concept of facial beauty with scientific rigor. Is it time for us to re-examine the assumption that the original cephalometric esthetic norms based on samples of North Americans can be applied to other populations? Many(More)