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The responses of male and female mice each presented with a sequence of 4 pups from their own litter, a pup from another litter but of the same age and strain, and finally their own pup were noted. Both sexes spent longer sniffing the alien pup than the preceding own pup regardless of the age of pups at testing, and more time licking the alien pup on some(More)
Prior to the birth of their 1st litter, male gerbils generally respond paternally toward both gerbil and mouse pups. Once they have experience of their own pups, however, they continue to respond paternally toward unrelated gerbil pups but kill mouse pups. Male CSI mice, on the other hand, respond paternally to unrelated mouse pups both before and after the(More)
—We present finite-element analyzes and experimental results to validate our approach for building high-power single-mode Nd:YAG lasers. We show that the thermooptical and thermomechanical properties of a slab laser can be controlled. This is essential for the use of the proposed unstable resonator. We include demonstration of an efficient subscale laser(More)
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