Monique N'diaye

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Chemoresistance of ovarian carcinoma has been associated previously to the absence of Bcl-x(L) expression downregulation in response to cisplatin. Among BH3-mimetic molecules constituting promising anticancer agents able to inhibit the activity of antiapoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins, we evaluated the effect of one of them, HA14-1, on various ovarian(More)
The objective of Integrated Care Pathways for Airway Diseases (AIRWAYS-ICPs) is to launch a collaboration to develop multi-sectoral care pathways for chronic respiratory diseases in European countries and regions. AIRWAYS-ICPs has strategic relevance to the European Union Health Strategy and will add value to existing public health knowledge by: 1)(More)
The 1986-87 outbreak of paralytic poliomyelitis in Senegal, with 676 reported cases, provided an opportunity to evaluate the efficacy of an enhanced-potency inactivated poliovirus vaccine (N-IPV) in the Kolda region, where this vaccine has been used since 1980. 89 cases, confirmed to have poliomyelitis with residual paralysis, were enrolled in a(More)
The evolution of CT signs of small, deep infarcts of the cerebral hemispheres in thirty adults, in the first five weeks, has been retrospectively studied. The relevant literature has been reviewed and an attempt has been made to present a synthesis, accompanied by a commentary. It is impossible now to give the frequency of each type of evolution, but the(More)
Bilateral obstruction of the internal jugular veins is rare in the neonatal period and no long-term follow-up has been reported yet. We report two cases. The first developped an extensive thrombosis of superior veina cava related to a central veinous line, the second an unilateral thrombosis of the transverse-sigmoid sinus associated to a constitutional(More)
Papillary fibroelastomas are cardiac benign tumours. Among the benign cardiac tumor, papillary fibroelastomas are reported second after myxomas. Most often diagnosed incidentally, papillary fibroelastomas may embolize to cerebral circulation. Valvular locations are predominant; location in left atrium is rare. In this paper, we present a case of papillary(More)
Apoptosis control defects such as the deregulation of Bcl-2 family member expression are frequently involved in chemoresistance. In ovarian carcinoma, we previously demonstrated that Bcl-xL and Mcl-1 cooperate to protect cancer cells against apoptosis and their concomitant inhibition leads to massive apoptosis even in the absence of chemotherapy. Whereas(More)
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