Monique Lírio

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BACKGROUND The rK39 recombinant protein is derived from a specific antigen produced by the Leishmania donovani complex, and has been used in the last two decades for the serodiagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis. We present here a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies evaluating serologic assays to diagnose visceral leishmaniasis to determine the(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the completeness of tuberculosis reporting forms in the greater metropolitan areas of five Brazilian capitals where the incidence of tuberculosis was high in 2010 - Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Cuiabá, Porto Alegre, and Belém - using tabulations obtained from the Sistema Nacional de Informação de Agravos de Notificação(More)
The control of HIV / Tuberculosis (TB) co -infection remains a challenge for public health. Notification is mandatory for both diseases and the National Case Registry Database (Sinan) is responsible for the collection and processing of individual forms of reporting and monitoring. The adequate fulfillment of these fields chips (completeness) is essential to(More)
BACKGROUND Few reports have investigated the association between human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) and tuberculosis (TB) in countries where both infections are endemic. This study estimates the incidence of TB in a cohort infected with HTLV-1, compared with non-infected individuals, over a ten-year period. METHODS Retrospective cohort study(More)
Few reports evaluate the association between HTLV-1 and TB in countries where both infections are endemic. The incidence and relative risk of TB in a cohort of HTLV-1infected individuals was estimated from 22 to 2012. Using records from the CHTLV database, the Information System on Diseases of Compulsory Declaration (Sinan) database was searched for TB(More)
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