Monique Ferrer

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The enzymatic synthesis of 6-O-lauroylsucrose and 6-O-palmitoylsucrose was performed by transesterification of sucrose with the corresponding vinyl esters in a medium constituted by two solvents. More specifically, the acylation was carried out in 2-methyl-2-butanol (tert-amyl alcohol) containing a low percentage (not higher than 20%) of dimethyl sulfoxide.(More)
Nanocomposite films obtained by TiO2 incorporation into a polypropylene (PP) polymer matrix were prepared via a straightforward melting process. The structural characteristics of the nanocomposite materials were examined by a multitechnique approach showing the outstanding morphological uniformity of the films. TiO2 incorporation into the polymer matrix(More)
I studied factors influencing dispersal distances in 30 young Spanish imperial eagles (Aquila adalberti) radio-tagged in southwestern Spain in 1986–1990. The mean dispersal distance between the natal nest and the settling area was 138 km. Every young bird reached its maximum dispersal distance within 4 months of its departure from the natal population. No(More)
Experiments are performed on a laboratory scale setup where beech wood chips are heated by gas convection and walls radiation. This study shows that it is possible to obtain high bio-oil and char yields with relatively low external heat transfer coefficients. The main advantage of this convection/radiation heat transfer mode compared to solid-solid(More)
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