Monique Esteves Cardoso

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OBJECTIVES The pathophysiology of the short stature in girls with Turner syndrome (TS) is not well understood. The "IGF-I generation test" is used to assess the sensitivity to growth hormone. We compared the biochemical response to four days of growth hormone of TS and controls. STUDY DESIGN Pre-pubertal TS were recruited to participate in the study.(More)
Despite cardiac metastases are found in about 20% of cancer deaths, the presence of primary cardiac tumors is rare. Most primary tumors are benign, and malignant tumors comprise about 15%. We report a 21-year-old man with fever, dyspnea, and hemoptysis that was diagnosed with angiosarcoma of the right atrium and pulmonary metastasis. Patient was submitted(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Girls with Turner syndrome (TS) have short stature and benefit from growth hormone therapy (hGH). Some TS present a significant change in height velocity in response to hGH while others have only a mild increment. Our objective was to correlate the response to hGH (height velocity after 6 months of therapy) to biochemical data prior to and(More)
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