Monique Chaaya

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This study assesses the prevalence and determinants of postpartum depression (PPD). 396 women delivering in Beirut and a rural area (Beka'a Valley) were interviewed 24 hours and 3–5 months after delivery. During the latter visit, they were screened using the Edinburgh postnatal depression scale. The overall prevalence of PPD was 21% but was significantly(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, little is known about argileh (water pipe or hubble-bubble) and cigarette smoking among pregnant women in the Arab world, despite emerging evidence on the adverse health effects of argileh smoking and well-established knowledge about the health risks of cigarette smoking during pregnancy. OBJECTIVES The present study assesses(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to evaluate the validity of the Arabic translation of the Cohen Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10) in pregnant and postpartum women. METHODS A sample of 268 women participated. These included 113 women in their third trimester of pregnancy, 97 in the postpartum period and 58 healthy female university students. GHQ-12 and(More)
The recent global increase in argileh use represents the modern renaissance of an old public health threat and a new tobacco epidemic. This study examined argileh smoking knowledge and attitudes in a sample of university students in Beirut as determinants of argileh smoking. Data were collected cross-sectionally through self-administered questionnaires from(More)
To examine gender variations in the association of self-rated health (SRH) with social capital, social support, and economic security among older adults from three deprived communities in the suburbs of metropolitan Beirut. A population-based cross-sectional study using the Older Adult Component of the Urban Health Survey. Face-to-face interviews were(More)
Religiosity is an important aspect of the life of older people, particularly in the Arab region where religiosity is an important part of daily social and political life. Studies have documented the relationship between religiosity and depression among older people, but none in the region. A total of 740 persons aged 60 + were interviewed in three poor(More)
Objectives: To assess the prevalence and determinants of smoking prior to and during pregnancy in Lebanon. Methods: A cross-sectional study using two structured instruments. One instrument included information on demographic characteristics, smoking patterns in the index pregnancy and previous pregnancies, use of prenatal health services, stressful life(More)
BACKGROUND This article aims at providing an overview of the current epidemiological situation in the heterogeneous Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR). It is one in a series of eight articles appointed by the International Epidemiological Association to improve the epidemiological situation. METHODS Several resources were used to extract morbidity,(More)
BACKGROUND It has been well established that burnout, defined as emotional exhaustion (EE), de-personalisation (DP), and a 'decreased sense of personal accomplishment (PA) due to work related stress', is prevalent to a great extent among medical residents. This has been implicated in the delivery of suboptimal patient care. Residents in developing countries(More)
AIM To estimate the prevalence of rheumatic diseases in Lebanon and to explore their distribution by geographic location, age, and gender. METHOD   Using the Community Oriented Program for the Control of Rheumatic Diseases (COPCORD) methodology, a random sample of 3530 individuals aged 15 and above was interviewed from the six Lebanese governorates.(More)