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Ankle joint distraction has been shown to be a viable alternative to ankle arthrodesis or ankle replacement. The authors' approach to ankle joint preservation includes articulated ankle joint distraction, resection of blocking osteophytes, release of muscle and joint contractures, and realignment osseous ankle procedures. In a previous study that used this(More)
BACKGROUND Anterior tibial tendon transfer is a common procedure for treatment of clubfoot recurrence. Fixation of the tendon usually includes passing the tendon through the lateral cuneiform. Drilling the bone and passing sutures through the plantar aspect of the foot may cause neurovascular damage. METHODS Anterior tibial tendon transfer was performed(More)
· Only one study has reviewed MRI findings after ankle distraction. 5 · Growth hormone is known to increase the formation of cartilage, but the benefit during distraction has not been reported. 6 · No studies have evaluated the effects of intra-articular injection of growth hormone on the ankle joint. · Of 51 patients who underwent the procedure, the(More)
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