Monil A Desai

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Plant-derived essential oils were tested for their ability to eliminate biofilms of Listeria monocytogenes on polystyrene and stainless steel surfaces. Various concentrations of essential oils were tested with different contact times on biofilms of various ages. Preliminarily screening of nine essential oils and related phenolic compounds in a disk(More)
Single and combined effects of three GRAS (generally recognized as safe) antimicrobials including, bacteriophage P100 (phage P100), lauric arginate (LAE), and potassium lactate-sodium diacetate mixture (PL-SD) were evaluated against Listeria monocytogenes cold growth in queso fresco cheese (QFC). The fate of phage P100 when exposed to LAE (200 ppm) or PL-SD(More)
Pale, Soft, and Exudative (PSE) broiler breast meat has poor protein functionality, which leads to quality problems and economic loss in the poultry industry. Proteomics has been applied to characterize the biochemical mechanisms governing tenderness, color, and water-holding capacity in meat. However, the proteome basis of PSE has not yet been(More)
The antimicrobial activity of various essential oils and carvacrol was determined on fresh raw catfish fillets against a 4-strain Listeria monocytogenes mixture representing serotypes 1/2b, 3b, 4b, and 4c that were predominantly isolated from catfish processing environments. Thyme oil, oregano oil and carvacrol exhibited concentration and time dependent(More)
Poultry processors commonly place whole parts of broilers in plastic packages and seal them in an atmosphere of 100% carbon dioxide before shipping them to food service and retail customers. This practice extends the shelf life of retail cuts to approximately 12 d under refrigerated conditions. The objective of this study was to determine the antimicrobial(More)
Proteomics can be used to characterize quality defects including pale, soft, and exudative (PSE) meat (pork and poultry), woody broiler breast meat, reddish catfish fillets, meat toughness, and beef myoglobin oxidation. PSE broiler meat was characterized by 15 proteins that differed in abundance in comparison to normal broiler breast meat, and eight(More)
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