Monika Zochowska

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BACKGROUND Bleomycin (BLM) is an anticancer antibiotic used in many cancer regimens. Its utility is limited by systemic toxicity and dose-dependent pneumonitis able to progress to lung fibrosis. The latter can affect up to nearly 50% of the total patient population, out of which 3% will die. We propose to improve BLM delivery by tethering it to an efficient(More)
During the viral life cycle adenoviruses produce excess capsid proteins. Human adenovirus serotype 3 (Ad3) synthesizes predominantly an excess of free pentons, the complexes of pentameric penton base and trimeric fiber proteins, which are responsible for virus penetration. In infected cells Ad3 pentons spontaneously assemble into dodecahedral virus-like(More)
Adenovirus dodecahedron (Dd), a nanoparticulate proteinaceous biodegradable virus-like particle (VLP), was used as a vector for delivery of an oncogene inhibitor to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) rat orthotopic model. Initiation factor eIF4E is an oncogene with elevated expression in human cancers. Cell-impermeant eIF4E inhibitor, cap structure analog (cap)(More)
Adenovirus type 3 dodecahedric virus-like particles (Ad3 VLP) are an interesting delivery vector. They penetrate animal cells in culture very efficiently and up to 300,000 Ad3 VLP can be observed in one cell. The purification of such particles usually consists of several steps. In these work we describe the method development and optimization for the(More)
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