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In this paper, we investigate how detailed tracking of user interaction can be monitored using standard web technologies. Our motivation is to enable implicit interaction and to ease usability evaluation of web applications outside the lab. To obtain meaningful statements on how users interact with a web application, the collected information needs to be(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptors, FLK1/KDR and FLT1, are key regulators of angiogenesis. Unlike FLK1/KDR, the role of FLT1 has remained elusive. FLT1 is produced as soluble (sFLT1) and full-length isoforms. Here, we show that pericytes from multiple tissues produce sFLT1. To define the biologic role of sFLT1, we chose the glomerular(More)
When people collaborate remotely, the WWW is part of the shared resources they use together. However, web pages do not offer support for collabo-rative interaction such as viewing or influencing another user's browsing session – additional software needs to be installed for these features. In this paper, we present UsaProxy 2, an HTTP proxy that allows the(More)
  • Heinrich Hußmann, Monika Wnuk, Richard Atterer, Verantw Hochschullehrer, Hussmann, Aufgabenstellung Bei
  • 2006
During the analysis phase of a website's usability common user tests are usually being held in laboratory environment and are therefore rather complex and expensive. The " UsaProx " , short for " Usability Proxy " , approach provides the possibility to capture usage data in a semi-automated way by realizing logging through an HTTP-proxy. The tool overcomes(More)
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