Monika Weidmann

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Compliance of business processes is becoming increasingly important in the domain of business process design. Despite that, human process designers must be able to concentrate on the business goals which a business process needs to fulfil. Compliance aspects of the business process should not be in the main focus of the human process designer during the(More)
Management of business processes is typically performed on multiple levels, each with different granularity, language constructs, and abstraction. Starting from an initial sketch of the activities to be performed, several refinements are made to entirely specify the business process, its artifacts, and participants. Then, information relevant for process(More)
Today many companies use several technologies, modeling languages, and software tools for designing, analyzing, and executing their business processes. The need for adapting processes to new requirements, to reuse parts of processes, and to involve different stakeholders in the process design leads to process changes on multiple process models of different(More)
The increasing complexity of processes used for design and execution of critical business activities demands novel techniques and technologies. Process viewing techniques have been proposed as means to abstract from details, summarize and filter out information, and customize the visual appearance of a process to the need of particular stakeholders.(More)
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