Monika U Von Duering

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The purpose of this study was to examine the effect on survival of delaying the start of adjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer for up to 3 months after surgery. In the nation-wide clinical trials of the Danish Breast Cancer Cooperative Group, 7501 breast cancer patients received chemotherapy within 3 months of surgery between 1977 and 1999: 352 with(More)
A study of the ultrastructure, vascularization, and innervation of the endolymphatic duct and sac of the rat has been performed by means of light- and electron-microscopic and immunocytochemical methods. Two different types of epithelial cells have been identified: the ribosome-rich cell and the mitochondria-rich cell. These two cell types make up the(More)
The localization of peptidergic, catecholaminergic, and nitroxidergic nerve fibers in the ventral leptomeningeal connective tissue compartment was studied in whole-mount preparations and serial semithin and ultrathin sections. For immunocytochemistry, whole-mount preparations of the leptomeninges and ventral brain slices with the meninges were incubated as(More)
The gross anatomy and nerve supply of the bill of echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) is described in relation to its function as an outstanding sensory organ. The sensory innervation of the skin of the echidna snout was investigated by means of frontal serial sections, after decalcification of the specimens. A comprehensive light and electron microscopic(More)
AIM The effect on body composition of liraglutide, a once-daily human glucagon-like peptide-1 analogue, as monotherapy or added to metformin was examined in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). METHODS These were randomized, double-blind, parallel-group trials of 26 [Liraglutide Effect and Action in Diabetes-2 (LEAD-2)] and 52 weeks (LEAD-3). Patients(More)
In sympathectomized cats the innervation of the Achilles tendon by fine afferent nerve fibers was studied with semithin and ultrathin sections. Several different types of sensory endings of group III and group IV nerve fibers were identified. Of the five different types of endings in the group III range (T III endings), two are located within vessel walls.(More)
BACKGROUND Magnetic resonance imaging indicates diffuse white matter (WM) changes are associated with cognitive impairment in cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL). We examined whether the distribution of axonal abnormalities is related to microvascular pathology in the underlying WM. METHODS(More)
The dura mater encephali of the rat is richly supplied by myelinated (A-axons) and unmyelinated (C-axons) nerve fibres. For the supratentorial part the main nerve supply stems from all three branches of the trigeminal nerve. Finally, 250 myelinated and 800 unmyelinated nerve fibres innervate one side of the supratentorial part. The vascular bed of the dura(More)
Afferent impulses were recorded from single fibers serving cold and warm receptors in the skin of the cat's nose. The receptors were carefully tested for specificity and the receptive fields localized under the microscope with a microthermode. Each single fiber served one spot-like receptive field. The field was marked without damaging the nerve ending by(More)
AIMS Postprandial triglyceridaemia is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). This study investigated the effects of steady-state liraglutide 1.8 mg versus placebo on postprandial plasma lipid concentrations after 3 weeks of treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). METHODS In a cross-over trial, patients with T2DM (n = 20, 18-75(More)