Monika Tomanek

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The effect of the preweaning housing system on the stress response of pigs before weaning and during fattening was studied in 33 litters of domestic pigs. Three preweaning housing systems were compared: barren crate (standard farrowing crate without straw), enriched crate (20% larger crate, with straw), and as a control, a farrowing pen (pen, 60% larger(More)
Masked stimuli presented near the threshold of conscious awareness may act as primes, affecting responses to subsequent targets. With arrows as primes and targets, the prime-mask-target sequence has been shown to evoke triphasic lateralized readiness potentials (LRP) with two phases of imbalance between hemispheres preceding the target-related contralateral(More)
We studied the role of androgens in antler growth. In particular, we investigated whether the onset of antler regrowth is triggered by a short-term pulse of testosterone and if low levels of androgens are required for antler growth. The study was conducted on 12 surgically castrated fallow deer bucks (Dama dama) aged approximately 27 months. Six animals (CA(More)
It has been established that sows up- or down-regulate their milk production as the frequency of nursings is changed. The amount of udder massage by piglets might also influence milk production. To investigate whether these effects are associated with changes in prolactin or insulin levels, we enforced five sows each to nurse either every 35 min (MIN35) or(More)
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