Monika Sturm

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The rapid developments in the eld of DNA computing reeects two substantial questions: 1. Which models for DNA based computation are really universal? 2. Which model fulllls the requirements to a universal lab-practicable programmable DNA computer that is based on one of these models? This paper introduces the functional model DNA-Haskell focussing its(More)
We have implemented a real–time expert system as part of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System for the Public Utilities Board of Singapore controlling its 22 kV distribution network. It works as an operator support tool by diagnosing network disturbances and device malfunctions and presenting a switching sequence which can be executed(More)
The emerging trends of volatile distributed energy resources and micro-grids are putting pressure on electrical power system infrastructure. This pressure is motivating the integration of digital technology and advanced power-industry practices to improve the management of distributed electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, thereby creating(More)