Monika Schrenk

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In order to quantify autoantibodies in the sera of patients with autoimmune disease, we have created a microarray-based immunoassay that allows the simultaneous analysis of 18 known autoantigens. The microarrays contain serial dilutions of the various antigens, thereby allowing accurate determination of autoantibody titer using minimal amounts of serum. The(More)
This review summarizes the major activities in the field of protein microarray technology. A short summary of the theoretical concepts of miniaturized ligand binding assays explains why such microspot assays represent the most sensitive approaches for capture-target assays. The main focus of this review is centered on the applications using miniaturized and(More)
BACKGROUND The concurrent detection and quantification of analytes that vary widely in concentration present a principal problem in multiplexed assay systems. Combining competitive and sandwich immunoassays permits coverage of a wide concentration range, and both highly abundant molecules and analytes present in low concentration can be quantified within(More)
Markus F. Templin Dieter Stoll Monika Schrenk Petra C. Traub Christian F. Vöhringer and Thomas O. Joos* NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen, Markwiesenstr. 55, 72770 Reutlingen, Germany. *e-mail: The fundamental principles of miniaturized and parallelized microspot ligand-binding assays were described more(More)
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