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Strictly controlled and coordinated induction of CBF regulon (a set of genes regulated by CBF proteins) promotes plant freezing tolerance. CBFs regulate the expression of COR genes that confer freezing tolerance. COR14b in barley is one of the effector genes which seems to be important in resistance to combined freezing and photoinhibition of(More)
OJIP analysis, which explores changes in photosystem II (PSII) photochemical performance, has been used as a measure of plant susceptibility to stress. However, in the case of freezing tolerance and winter hardiness, which are highly environmentally variable, the use of this method can give ambiguous results depending on the species as well as the sampling(More)
The freezing tolerance of 69 accessions of field-grown, common wheat (Triticum aestivum) was assessed in three consecutive winters. To measure freezing tolerance directly, field-grown plants were subjected to a range of freezing temperatures in a controlled environment and plant regrowth was subsequently assessed. Indirect assessments of freezing tolerance,(More)
Climate warming can change the winter weather patterns. Warmer temperatures during winter result in a lower risk of extreme freezing events. On the other hand the predicted warm gaps during winter will decrease their freezing tolerance. Both contradict effects will affect winter survival but their resultant effect is unclear. In this paper, we demonstrate(More)
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