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This paper is based on the most recent primary household level data to obtain Income, expenditure, poverty measures & human development indicators in rural and urban India for 1994-95. Empirical results show wide disparities in levels of living in terms of economic & social indicators in rural & urban India. The comparison of the distribution with similar(More)
This paper analyses the multiple impacts of employment guarantee programmes in India within the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) framework. A village level Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) has been constructed in order to assess selected dimensions of the above impacts. The paper is divided into five sections. Section one presents the economy(More)
Wireless sensor network has been grown as hottest research area for past few years. They have extensive applications; there are various areas in wireless sensor networks on which researchers are working. The area which have gain attention of almost every researcher is security, security of wireless sensor network has become very important since once(More)
In the present era Internet has changed the normal way of performing the essential services such as banking, defense, trade, and marketing being operated. These operations of our day to day life are replaced by cheaper, more effect Internet based applications. It happens all because of the growth of the internet but with advancement the number of attacks on(More)
The wireless sensor network has become a hot research area due its wide range of application in military and civilian domain, but as it uses wireless media for communication these are easily prone to security attacks. There are number of attacks on wireless sensor networks like black hole attack, sink hole attack ,Sybil attack ,selective forwarding attacks(More)
With the increase of hacking, different attacks, viruses, worms and other networking threats, security is a major problem in today's networks. 10, 15 years ago, security was a simple issue requiring simple solutions. In those days, the internet was small and had only a small number of businesses, organizations, universities and government agencies connected(More)
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