Monika Nováková

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More than two decades of genetic research have identified and assigned main biological functions of shelterin proteins that safeguard telomeres. However, a molecular mechanism of how each protein subunit contributes to the protecting function of the whole shelterin complex remains elusive. Human Repressor activator protein 1 (Rap1) forms a multifunctional(More)
Liver function and the presence of HBsAg and anti-HBsAg were studied in 90 hypertransfused thalassaemic children. Increased serum transaminases were found in 62 patients, and persisted from more than 6 months in 45 cases. Liver biopsy in this latter group led to a diagnosis of 14 cases of chronic persistent hepatitis, 9 cases of aggressive hepatitis, and 3(More)
Turnover of fungal biomass in forest litter and soil represents an important process in the environment. To date, knowledge of mycelial decomposition has been derived primarily from short-term studies, and the guild of mycelium decomposers has been poorly defined. Here, we followed the fate of the fruiting bodies of an ectomycorrhizal fungus in litter and(More)
Complementary DNA enriched in sequences hybridizing to beta-globin mRNA was prepared with viral RNA-dependent DNA polymerase and used as a probe for the presence of beta-globin mRNA in nuclear and cytoplasmic RNA from two Italian patients with beta0-thalassaemia. In both cases the beta-globin gene was present and cytoplasmic mRNAbeta was absent; however,(More)
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