Monika Neuhäuser

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We propose a logistic regression analysis of unmatched or frequency matched case-control studies with conditional maximum likelihood estimation through post hoc stratification. In this model fewer parameters have to be estimated. With a simulation study we show that parameter estimates have smaller variance and are less biased. Also, the residual(More)
According to the recent ICH E9 Guidance Statistical Principles for Clinical Trials, efficacy is most convincingly established by demonstrating superiority to placebo, by showing superiority to an active control treatment or by demonstrating a dose-response relationship (so-called ‘superiority’ trials). For serious illnesses, a placebo-controlled trial may(More)
The present opinion has the format of a risk profile and presents potential biological and chemical hazards as well as allergenicity and environmental hazards associated with farmed insects used as food and feed taking into account of the entire chain, from farming to the final product. The opinion also addresses the occurrence of these hazards in(More)
Switching noise is an increasingly serious concern in the design of mixedsignal integrated circuits. This paper describes the influence of signal correlated transients produced in the digital part of a CODEC chip and measures to improve the insensitivity of the analog part. Additionally, the circuit behaviour in case of electromagnetic interference will be(More)
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