Monika Mittal

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Hypothalamic hamartomas are uncommon but well-recognized developmental malformations that are classically associated with gelastic seizures and other refractory seizure types. The clinical course is often progressive and, in addition to the catastrophic epileptic syndrome, patients commonly exhibit debilitating cognitive, behavioral, and psychiatric(More)
Hypothalamic hamartomas are uncommon developmental heterotopic masses composed of an intermixed array of neurons, glia, and myelinated fibers closely associated with the mammillary bodies. Gelastic seizures, the hallmark feature of hypothalamic hamartomas, commonly present in early childhood. However, patients usually also display a disabling clinical(More)
Pneumocephalus is a common occurrence after cranial surgery, with patients typically remaining asymptomatic from a moderate amount of intracranial air. Postsurgical pneumocephalus rarely causes focal neurological deficits; furthermore, cranial neuropathy from postsurgical pneumocephalus is exceedingly uncommon. Only 3 cases have been previously reported(More)
The execution technique of hanging, introduced by the Angle, Saxon, and Jute Germanic tribes during their invasions of the Roman Empire and Britain in the 5th century, has remained largely unchanged over time. The earliest form of a gallows was a tree on which prisoners were hanged. Despite the introduction of several modifications such as a trap door, the(More)
OBJECTIVE We report the incidence of spontaneous infarction of a falcine meningioma without preceding hemorrhage and shed light on the relation between intratumoral necrosis and hemorrhage. CLINICAL PRESENTATION A 50 year-old woman presented with recurrent headaches and was found to harbor a falcine meningioma. The patient elected to observe the mass and(More)
Mucoceles are chronic non-neoplastic cystic lesions lined by mucus-secreting respiratory epithelium in the paranasal sinuses. Mucocele of the anterior clinoid process is a particularly rare entity most often presenting with rapidly progressive monocular blindness. The authors describe the case of a 32 year-old man who presented with acute painless visual(More)
Key Words: consumer responsiveness, mobile marketing/advertising, purchase decision, customization, Customerization Innovation creates marketing opportunities and challenges. Mobile advertising, an area of mobile commerce, is a form of advertising that targets users of handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. It can reach the target(More)
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