Monika Mühlbauer

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of total drainage time on the risk of catheter infection, and the predictive value of standard laboratory examinations for the diagnosis of bacteriologically recorded cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) infection during external ventricular drainage. METHODS During a three year period, all patients of(More)
The anterior decompressive procedure in which spinal fusion is performed is considered an effective treatment for thoracolumbar fractures and tumors. However, it is also known to be associated with considerable surgery-related trauma. The purpose of this study was to show that lumbar corpectomy and anterior reconstruction can be performed via a minimally(More)
To explore the safety and the effectiveness of laparoscopic and thoracoscopic spinal surgery, an acute/non-survival animal trial was performed in 5 pigs using rigid and flexible endoscopes, flouroscopy, a holmium-YAG laser, and prototype instruments and implants. Our study aimed to approach the intervertebral disc space and spinal canal using laparoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND In noncontiguous spinal metastatic disease, anterior or combined anterior-posterior surgery is an effective treatment. The objective of this study is to investigate whether circumferential decompression through a single-stage posterior midline approach with individualized spinal reconstruction can still achieve comparable results for functional(More)
  • He P Ackerbauer, D V Balin, V M Baturin, G A Beer, W H Breunlich, T Case +24 others
  • 1998
The muon capture rate in the reaction µ − + 3 He → ν µ + 3 H has been measured at PSI using a modular high pressure ionization chamber. The rate corresponding to statistical hyperfine population of the µ 3 He atom is (1496.0±4.0) s −1. This result confirms the PCAC prediction for the pseudoscalar form factors of the 3 He-3 H system and the nucleon.
Pathology at the origin of the vertebral artery may be the cause of incapacitating vertebrobasilar insufficiency (VBI). Preoperative diagnosis is made primarily on angiographic criteria. We compared intraoperative and angiographic findings in 30 patients and found important diagnostic discrepancies in patients with a caudal, ventral or dorsal origin of the(More)
OBJECTIVES Normal-pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) syndrome is treatable by implantation of a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shunt. However, diagnosis of NPH by clinical and radiological findings alone is unreliable, and co-existing structural dementia can contribute to low success rates after shunt implantation. The aim of our study was to investigate whether(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE We report the very rare case of a gliomyosarcoma that caused penetration failure in stereotactic biopsy and therefore led to misdiagnosis. This complication should be considered as a potential reason for diagnostic failure with uncommonly firm tumors in frame-based stereotactic biopsy. CLINICAL PRESENTATION An 83-year-old women(More)