Monika Lusky

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Chick embryo retinas were exposed for 40 min to anoxic conditions and the resulting histological changes were studied by light microscopy. A strong edematous response with severe swelling of the inner nuclear, inner plexiform and ganglion cell layers and numerous cells with pyknotic nuclei but very few dead cells were observed. These changes were(More)
PURPOSE Transfer of prodrug activation systems into tumors by using replication-deficient viruses has been suggested to be an effective method for achieving high local and low systemic anticancer drug concentrations. However, most current suicide gene therapy strategies are still hindered by poor efficiency of in vivo gene transfer, inefficient tumor(More)
Six experiments were carried out to compare go/no-go and choice paradigms for studying the effects of intradimensional discrimination training on subsequent measures of stimulus generalization in human subjects. Specifically, the purpose was to compare the two paradigms as means of investigating generalization gradient forms and frame of reference effects.(More)
Bovine Papilloma Virus (BPV-1) establishes itself as a multicopy nuclear plasmid in somatic mammalian cells in culture. We report here that two discontinuous regions within the viral genome can independently support extrachromosomal replication of the Tn5 neomycinr gene in cells that provide viral factors in trans. The viral plasmid maintenance sequences(More)
Cells transformed with bovine papilloma virus type 1 mutants in the E6 or E6/7 genes are resistant to high-copy-number amplification of wild-type DNA after supertransfection. Transient and stable replication assays demonstrate this effect. If the supertransfected DNA has a mutation in a newly defined gene (M), this cellular immunity to high-copy-number(More)
In our hybrid-plasmid reconstruction analysis of lambda (lambdoid) DNA signal structures involved in phage DNA replication, we have detected a dual system alternatingly able to initiate a first primer-RNA synthesis. Both of them--the major, primase-dependent ori system and the minor and usually suppressed, RNA-polymerase-dependent oop system--act in(More)
RATIONAL While a variety of registered therapies exist for Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma, no such therapy is available for Cutaneous B Cell Therapy. In this context we performed a phase II, open label, multicenter, non-comparative study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of repeated intra-lesional administrations of TG1042 (adenovirus-interferon-γ) in patients(More)
AIMS The correlation between cryoscars and visual field defects following cryoablation was studied. METHODS A Humphrey 120 full field screening test was performed in 10 children (15 eyes) who were treated by cryotherapy between 10 and 14 years previously for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) stage 3. RESULTS In eight eyes treated by cryoablation through(More)