Monika Lišková

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The aim of the present study was to assess the occurrence and predictive factors of sleep paralysis (SP) in Czech university students. Our sample included 606 students who had experienced at least one episode of SP. The participants completed an online battery of questionnaires involving questionnaires focused on describing their sleep habits and SP(More)
Caspases are key enzymatic components of the intracellular apoptotic machinery, and their role in mammalian systems is often studied using fluoromethylketone (FMK) inhibitors. Despite many advantages of such approach, efficiency of the inhibitor and membrane permeability speed are often questioned. This work therefore focuses on an exact evaluation of(More)
The species Longidorus profundorum Hooper, 1965 was for the first time recorded in the territory of Slovakia. It was observed in the rhizosphere of Fraxineto-Quercetum forest of riverine plain along Moravia River in south-western part of country, close to boundary with Austria. Morphometrics of females, males and four juvenile stages, morfological and(More)
Of 1,343 neurotic patients who completed six-week courses of treatment in a therapeutic community, 60% were considered by the therapists to have improved greatly in terms of symptoms, 36% in terms of insight and 35% in terms of attitude and behaviour. Follow-up examination using questionnaires one year after treatment showed considerable improvement in(More)
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