Monika L Andersson

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Previous studies have shown that thyroid hormone receptors can form homo- and heterodimeric complexes when binding to response elements. We report here the binding characteristics of thyroid hormone receptor (TR) homo- and heterodimers binding to synthetic oligonucleotides with directly and palindromically repeated consensus motifs (AGGTCA). Binding assays(More)
HLA class-I expression has been investigated by biochemical methods in 14 Burkitt lymphoma (BL) cell lines and the corresponding Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-transformed lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCL) derived from the same individuals. Selective down-regulation of one or more HLA class-I specificities was demonstrated in 9 out of 14 BL lines. The defect was(More)
The effects of thyroid hormone agonists on thyroid hormone receptor (TR)/DNA complex formation was investigated to elucidate the mechanism by which TRs transactivate genes in response to ligand. The data, obtained from gel shift experiments, indicate that thyroid hormones alter the conformation of TRs bound to DNA, irrespective of if the element is occupied(More)
The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-negative Burkitt lymphoma (BL) line BL-41, and 5 independently established EBV-converted sublines, derived by infection with a transforming (B95-8) or a nontransforming (P3HR1) strain of EBV, were compared for clonability in semi-solid agarose and for tumorigenicity in immuno-suppressed mice. One P3HR1 viral convertant and 3 out(More)
The subcellular localization of natural and engineered forms of the chicken thyroid hormone receptor (cTR alpha) is dependent on amino acids encoded in the N-terminal region. The full length receptor protein, cTR alpha-p46, was found to localize exclusively to the nucleus, whereas the N-terminally shorter variant, cTR alpha-p40, localizes to both the(More)
The v-erbA oncoprotein (P75gag-v-erbA) can repress thyroid hormone receptor induced transcriptional activation of target genes. A central question is how hormone responsive elements in a target gene determine the transcriptional regulation mediated by P75gag-v-erbA. We addressed this with receptors chimeric between P75gag-v-erbA and thyroid hormone receptor(More)
Eight squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) challenged with EBV or EBV-transformed SLCL were naturally or experimentally infected with Plasmodium knowlesi or Pl. brasilianum. Most of the animals had been splenectomized and unilaterally nephrectomized. Three of these monkeys received one dose of 6 to 12 X 10(8) autologous SLCL. These lines were derived from(More)
In endocrine disruption a key role has been suggested for endocrine receptors, in particular the estrogen receptors (ERs), in the regulation by compounds mimicking natural hormones. The two ERs, ERalpha and ERbeta are transcription factors involved in the regulated expression of estrogen target genes and have been shown to play an essential role in(More)
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