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Galactosyl Pentadecene Reversibly Enhances Transdermal and Topical Drug Delivery
PurposeTo study new skin penetration/permeation enhancers based on amphiphilic galactose derivatives.MethodsTwo series of alkyl and alkenyl galactosides were synthesized and evaluated for theirExpand
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Transdermal Delivery and Cutaneous Targeting of Antivirals using a Penetration Enhancer and Lysolipid Prodrugs
PurposeIn this work, we investigate prodrug and enhancer approaches for transdermal and topical delivery of antiviral drugs belonging to the 2,6-diaminopurine acyclic nucleoside phosphonate (ANP)Expand
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Dodecyl Amino Glucoside Enhances Transdermal and Topical Drug Delivery via Reversible Interaction with Skin Barrier Lipids
PurposeSkin permeation/penetration enhancers are substances that enable drug delivery through or into the skin.MethodsTo search for new enhancers with high but reversible activity and acceptableExpand
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Permeability and microstructure of cholesterol-depleted skin lipid membranes and human stratum corneum.
Cholesterol (Chol) is one of the major skin barrier lipids. The physiological level of Chol in the stratum corneum (SC) appears to exceed its miscibility with other barrier lipids, as some Chol isExpand
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Permeation enhancers in transdermal drug delivery: benefits and limitations
ABSTRACT Introduction: Transdermal drug delivery has several clinical benefits over conventional routes of drug administration. To open the transdermal route for a wider range of drugs, includingExpand
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Esters of terpene alcohols as highly potent, reversible, and low toxic skin penetration enhancers
Skin penetration/permeation enhancers are compounds that improve (trans)dermal drug delivery. We designed hybrid terpene-amino acid enhancers by conjugating natural terpenes (citronellol, geraniol,Expand
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Fluorescent Penetration Enhancers Reveal Complex Interactions among the Enhancer, Drug, Solvent, and Skin.
Skin penetration/permeation enhancers facilitate drug delivery through the skin barrier. However, the specific mechanisms that govern the enhancer interactions with the skin, drug, and donor solventExpand
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SAMPA: A free software tool for skin and membrane permeation data analysis.
Skin and membrane permeation experiments comprise an important step in the development of a transdermal or topical formulation or toxicological risk assessment. The standard method for analyzingExpand
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Sociální marketing jako nástroj získávání dobrovolníků v sociálních službách
The major objective of this study is to explore the methods social services use to acquire volunteers. This thesis concerns the problem of recruiting volunteers for social services. The theoryExpand