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Liberal Nationalism-A Critique
"What is the Nation? It is the aspect of a whole people as an organised power. This organisation incessantly keeps up the insistence of the population on becoming strong and efficient. But thisExpand
The End of the Dream: Postmodernism and Qualitative Research:
This article revisits the use of postmodernist theory in qualitative research in education and related fields, where such ideas remain consigned to the “fringe”—or worse. What are the grounds for t...
Representing Indian Philosophy Through the Nation: an Exploration of the Public Philosopher Radhakrishnan
Several authors working on cross-cultural philosophy underscore that a cross-cultural conversational space, which breaks away from dominant theoretical frameworks, is necessary for a genuineExpand
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Introducing Confluence: A Thematic Essay
In the following thematic introduction, we seek to situate Confluence within the field of comparative philosophy and substantiate why we deem a new publication necessary. For this purpose, weExpand
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Diversifying philosophy: The art of non-domination*
Abstract Using the example of cross-cultural philosophy’s relation to disciplinary philosophy, this article seeks to think through some of the issues relevant to diversifying philosophy as anExpand
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Humanistic Values in Indian and Chinese Traditions
The main aim of this essay will be to examine humanistic values in the Indian and Chinese philosophical traditions and to argue for the need for an awareness of these positions in business ethics.Expand
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