Monika Khubchandani

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The generally held belief that early diagnosis and treatment are associated with a greater proportion of localized tumors and better prospects of salvage is not supported in carcinoma of the large intestine. This study is not to be interpreted to mean that purposefully delayed treatment in an individual patient will improve his chances of survival. Its(More)
The lipoma is a very common benign tumor of adipose tissue, but its presence in the oral and oropharyngeal region is relatively uncommon. Fibrolipoma, a histological variant of lipoma, mostly affect the buccal mucosa and causes functional and cosmetic disabilities. Hence, accurate histopathological examination of lipomas is important for a correct treatment(More)
Traumatic injury to a primary tooth can affect the underlying permanent tooth germ, and may result in a malformed, hypoplastic crown or root. The degree and nature of malformation depends on the injury. Most trauma cases can be diagnosed using conventional 2-dimensional radiographs, but some cases may benefit from more advanced 3-dimensional imaging such as(More)
Anastomotic dehiscence following resection of the large intestine is a serious complication. Satisfactory results of single-layer anastomosis depend upon meticulous technique and a scrupulously clean colon. Out of 65 single-layer anastomoses involving the rectum, significant leakage occurred in 4 patients. The results are reported in order to draw attention(More)